Hourly Rate as of August 2022 is S$180

* minimum  booking is 2hrs so is S$360 please take note !!!

50% deposit is required and can be done via PayNow or Paylah using my mobile number +6597427201

Contact Me to book your slot.

What included :

  • Boat with Driver/Instructor
  • Wakeboard / Wakesurf Gear
  • Drinking Water

What to bring :

  • A change of clothing
  • A big smile 🙂

Wakeboard / Wakesurf Camp

Whether you are by yourself or in a group, and plan to ride with me over several days, please contact me and let me know your itinerary as well as  how often you plan to ride and I will work out a customized programme for you!

Mode of Payment

  • Cash / Paylah (mobile 97427201) / Paynow (mobile 97427201)